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About Hyperbaric Chambers

Article that includes a description of a hyperbaric chamber, why a scuba diver might need one, a description of decompression sickness, how decompression sickness can be prevented.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?
A hyperbaric chamber is a sealable chamber with an air compressor that can raise the internal air pressure inside the chamber. A hyperbaric chamber will typically have a hatch large enough for one or more people to enter and exit the chamber.

Why Would a Scuba Diver Need a Hyperbaric Chamber?
Hyperbaric chambers are used to prevent or treat a condition that is commonly known as depression sickness, DCS, divers disease, caisson disease, or simply "The Bends".

What is Decompression Sickness?
A scuba diver who ascends from an underwater diving spot to the surface of the water too quickly can become a victim of a condition commonly known as decompression sickness, divers disease, caisson disease, or simply "the bends". It is a condition resulting from the precipitation of dissolved gasses into bubbles inside the body as the body undergoes depressurization to quickly as a diver ascends to the surface too quickly.

How Can Decompression Sickness Be Prevented?
It is not possible to 100% guarantee a scuba diver will not experience decompression sickness, because susceptibility varies from person to person, but there are things you can do to significantly reduce the likelihood you will experience it.
- Minimize exertion levels before, during, and after a dive
- Remain well hydrated before, during, and after a dive
- Carefully plan each dive using the appropriate dive tables
- Dive conservatively within dive table limits
- Make safety stops as you are ascending.

Hyperbaric Nation Directory
Where to find hyperbaric chambers in many parts of the United States.

Brief History Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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